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2/183 Currumburra Road, Ashmore, Queensland, Australia

Prestige Soft Leaf Buffalo

Prestige Soft Leaf Buffalo

Stenotaphrum secundatum ‘PAL42’

This turf variety has all the benefits of Palmetto® turf and more! Bred from the popular Palmetto® Soft Leaf Buffalo, this turf variety has the same amazing winter colour and shade, cold and drought tolerance with an extra feature—the darkest green Buffalo turf available.

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Why is a Prestige Buffalo Lawn so Good?

Darkest green Buffalo lawn all year round

When buying a lawn, getting the darkest green colour possible is one of the top priorities. For those who desire the darkest green lawn in the street, Prestige® Buffalo is it!
In our trial plots, Prestige® turf has proven to be the darkest green Buffalo for most of the year (see photo). Prestige® lawns also have outstanding winter colour.

Doesn’t feel as spongy (less thatch)

Thatch causes a lawn to become very spongy, but like Palmetto® Buffalo, Prestige® turf is a low thatch variety.

Shade tolerance

Trials have shown that this Buffalo variety grows well in shade. It works in full sun to moderately heavy shade.

Disease tolerance

Its disease tolerance to grey leaf spot has been better than other varieties.

Drought and cold tough

Because Prestige® Buffalo was bred from the popular Palmetto® turf, it retains the same excellent cold and drought tolerance.Due to its large, deep root system, it is an efficient water user and stays green longer in dry conditions. For this same reason, it is able to cope with cold and stay green in winter.

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