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D.I.Y Turf Installation Guide

D.I.Y turf Installation

How to lay turf ? Follow our Step by Step Do it Yourself Turf Installation Laying Guide

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Turf Installation yourself is a simple process, but before you install turf yourself, you need to consider these factors:

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To install and lay turf yourself. Follow these simple steps;

Step One

Measuring and Ordering
If you would like to find out how much turf you will need it is quite easy. Using a measuring tape, measure the area you wish to be turfed. Write your measures with a sketch of the area on a piece of paper, make sure to include any unusual placements or feactures. If it is a basic rectangle shape, then the area is Width x Length. We can help you more accurately from your sketch .

Alternatively, ring All About Turf on 1300 228 873 or email us and we can send someone to accurately measure you turf area. When you are ready to install your turf and have done all preparatory work, schedule a time for your turf to be delivered.

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Step Two

Soil and Site Preparation (See video >)
Be sure to eliminate all existing grasses or weeds with a recommended weed killer. Wait seven days after the first spray and then water to germinate weeds. Repeat and wait a further 14 days. Clear the area removing all rocks, debris, dead lawn and weeds.

To avoid drainage problems, ensure soil gradient slopes away from housing foundations or pathways- add a quality soil to raise the level if necessary, then rake and smooth. The final height of the soil should be at least 10cm deep and 3cm  below pathways or driveways.

Before laying apply a starter fertiliser, usually high in phosphate, or a generous layer of pelleted chicken manure. Lightly water the prepared area to settle the soil and provide a moist base for your turf. The prepared base must be firm enough to walk on without leaving deep footprints.

Step Three

Installation & Turf Laying (See video >)
When turf is delivered, make sure you begin installation straight away. Make sure turf pallets are placed in the shade before turf installation to protect the un-laid turf from sun damage.

Begin your installation by laying the turf along the longest straight line like a fence or paved area. Roll the turf making sure all joins are butted tightly together with no overlapping; knock the rolls together with the back of a rake. Make sure to avoid gaps and overlapping. Lay rows in a staggered brick pattern to reduce future erosion. Use a large sharp knife (or edge of shovel) to trim corners and excess turf. On slopes, place the turf pieces across the slope.

After the turf installation, roll the entire area to improve turf-soil contact. Begin watering within 30 minutes of installationDuring the first two weeks, avoid heavy use of your new lawn.

Please refer to our turf establishment and lawn maintenance sections for information on how to help your turf flourish.

Turf installation D.i.Y 

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