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Oz Tuff Green Couch Turf

Oz Tuff Green Couch Turf

Cynodon dactylon

Oz Tuff couch turf is a high quality variety with a low growth profile and low nutritional requirements. Its dense prostrate habit, dark green colour, limited seed head production, and high salt tolerance are just some of the reasons as to why this particular turf variety stands out amongst other couch varieties.
Oz Tuff develops a strong deep root system, giving it an advantage over other varieties during drought and stressful conditions. Oz Tuff can grow in poor quality soil where nutrition would be considered inadequate for other turf varieties. Further scientific evaluation has proved Oz Tuff to be one of the most environmentally sustainable turf varieties on the market.
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Why is a Oz Tuff Green Couch so Good?

Drought Tolerance

OZ TUFF® has strong drought tolerance qualities. It not only stays green longer, but it recovers faster following periods of drought stress.

OzTuff Couch Natural Turf All About Turf sports couch

Salt tolerance

OZ TUFF® has demonstrated it can handle up to half the electrical conductivity (EC) of seawater and has shown to perform well within coastal locations (foreshores, parks etc.) facing extreme environmental pressures. OZ TUFF® is also capable of growing where recycled water is used.

Wear tolerance and recovery

OZ TUFF® was ranked number 1 for wear tolerance in a four-year HAL study (TU08018). Collected data mirrored results seen in the field where OZ TUFF® has been planted on sports fields receiving high usage. OZ TUFF® also has a moderate thatch layer which provides greater wearability and recovery by protecting stoloniferous and rhizomatic growth. OZ TUFF® is an excellent turf choice for high wear recreational and sports areas e.g. goal squares, centre bounce circle, cricket wicket run ups.

Low nutritional requirements

OZ TUFF® has a darker green natural turf colour, even in poorer quality soils and or where nutrition is low. Further independent testing against commercial varieties on the market will commence in 2015.

Chemical tolerance

OZ TUFF® shows no phytotoxicity damage following the use of registered herbicides at recommended application rates to control common weeds in your lawn.

Less Thatch, Less Scalping

EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA is known for its ability to create a dense sward without major thatch problems. EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA has less thatch and less scalping than any other zoysia.
EMPIRE™ Zoysia Turf in Moderate Shade Conditions

Pest and disease resistance

OZ TUFF® performance has shown that common turf pests (e.g. couch mite and lawn grub) and diseases are less active within OZ TUFF®.

Growth habit and leaf texture

OZ TUFF® has prostrate growth and develops few seed heads resulting in less mowing and the saving of resources. OZ TUFF® also has a finer leaf than most other turf varieties used in domestic areas, parks and sporting fields. A finer leaf blade provides greater aesthetics and presentation.

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