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Queensland Blue Couch


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Digitaria didactyla

Often referred to as Queensland Blue Couch, this favourite lawn type is neither from Queensland, nor is it a Couch. Queensland Blue was made popular in Southern Queensland due to its optimum performance and suitability to that region, although it is also highly suitable to many other regions around Australia.

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Why is a Queensland Blue Couch Lawn so Good?

QLD Blue Couch is a common turf variety used for domestic and commercial lawns. It’s also been used extensively on sports fields and a variety of gardens and parks throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine CoastIpswich and the Northern Rivers regions.

Like other blue couches QLD Blue has an attractive blue green colour. It produces minimal seed heads compared to standard couch varieties meaning an easier to mow lawn for the home owner or commercial maintenance person.

QLD Blue is known for its low growing lush coverage, which not only gives the end user a strong, weed resistant lawn but also provides a nice soft feel. Compared to standard couch varieties (like WintergreenQLD Blue Couch doesn’t have the wear capabilities but it will recover quickly if damaged. It has good drought tolerance once its roots have grown deeply, however it can turn slightly purple during the Queensland winter.