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Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

Stenotaphrum secundatum ‘SS100”

Palmetto is one of the largest selling Buffalo varieties in the world; having a soft feel, excellent winter colour, and an ability to out compete weeds when established. It requires less watering, mowing and maintenance which further enhance its position as one of the most popular turf varieties around.

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Why is a Palmetto Buffalo Lawn so Good?

Best Winter Colour

Buffalo grass has an outstanding ability to retain its colour during the cooler times of year. Observational comparisons conducted against many other varieties on grower’s farms across Australia have shown Buffalo to be one of the stand out performers; staying much greener for longer periods of time.

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Tough and Hardwearing

Buffalo Grass has excellent fast growth across the ground. Its runners are fast and highly branching, which provides excellent recovery from wear. 1Palmetto Buffalo Grass is quickly becoming known as the tough, hardwearing Buffalo lawn.

Less Mowing

Although Buffalo Turf grows laterally at a fast rate, it’s upwards leaf growth is less than most other Buffalo grass varieties, meaning less mowing but still with the added benefit of a soft lush lawn.

Great at Out Competing Weeds

Buffalo Turf grows a tightly knit platform which is soft to play on whilst having the added benefit of restricting weeds from growing through. This is great for those that want a great looking lawn with less maintenance. Of course, occasionally weeds can develop in a buffalo lawn, and if in the unlikely event this occurs, please follow our maintenance guide.

Less Thatch, Less Scalping

Palmetto Buffalo Grass as a strong ability to create a dense sward without major thatch problems. Once established and individual will immediately notice the difference compared to a common soft leaf Buffalo lawn. Due to Buffalo Grasses lateral growth rate it’s greener leaves grow lower meaning it rarely scalps (exposed brown undergrowth) when being mowed, allowing people to almost always have a green lawn.

Disease & Pest Tolerance

Buffalo Turf has good tolerance to grey leaf spot, and other diseases and is more resistant to pests such as lawn grub. As with any natural product problems can occasionally occur, and if they do, please consult our maintenance guide, or seek expert advice.

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Uses Home and Commercial
Colour Dark Green
Blade Width 8-9mm
Soild Sandy, Sandy Loam, Clay
Growth Rapid Horizontal
Wearability Fair
Heat Tolerance Excellent
Cold Tolerance Very Good
Shade Tolerance Very Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Standard Mowing Height 3.8cm to 6.4cm

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