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2/183 Currumburra Road, Ashmore, Queensland, Australia

Sydney Turf Supplier

Sydney Turf Supplier

All About Turf is an independent turf reseller proudly servicing Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. We pride ourselves on deliverying high quality products for your specific needs at fantastic prices. We have access to a range of different turf products both natural and synthetic.

How do I know which turf variety is the most suitable for my area?

Selecting the right turf for your area is paramount to its continued survival whilst ensuring you have a lush green lawn for many years to come.

There’s not one particular variety that best suits all yards; rather the location and environment around you are the key factors that need to be considered before choosing a grass.

Quite simply when looking to choose a turf for your yard consider the following environmental factors –

As every Sydney yard and location is different the best option would be to call one of our friendly staff members to discuss the environment around your area and any possible traffic the turf will experience. Please also ask us for an estimate on our turf installation costs. Simply have you estimated or exact measurements available and we can provide you with the relevant price. For more information please call 1300 228 873 or email us through the contact us section of this website.