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Synthetic Turf around Your Pool: 6 Pros & Cons

artificial grass pool landscaping no slip astro turf All About Turf

Synthetic turf around your pool: Is it worth the investment?

Synthetic turf has vastly developed since it’s introduction to the market. The products available are far from the original fake grass that was available to the market 15 years ago. We now have an unlimited scope of options to choose from that fit different requirements, from residential properties, High Rise Buildings, Putting Greens, Sport’s courts and childcares. One application that is rising in popularity is the installation of Artificial Turf around pools.

Installing Synthetic Turf turf around your pool has many advantages over tiling or natural turf applications, which is why so many home owners are turning to this option.

Artifcial grass Advantages:

No more slippery tiles!

Artificial turf eliminates the worries of your kids or family slipping over on wet tiles. No more yelling of “Stop running around the pool!”. Artificial turf provides a cushioned surface that offers traction and prevents slipping. This type of turf is also durable and resistant to water and chlorine, making it a popular choice for creating a safe and low-maintenance poolside area.

No mud, dirt or grass clippings

Artificial Turf provides a clean and mud-free surface that eliminates the need to deal with dirt and grass clippings being tracked into the pool area. This low-maintenance alternative offers a consistently neat and tidy appearance, making it a practical solution for keeping the pool surroundings clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Astro turf can be aesthetically pleasing due to its vibrant green color and consistently even appearance. The uniformity and lushness of the astro grass can enhance the overall look of a lawn or sports field, providing a visually appealing alternative to natural grass. Additionally, the ability to maintain its appearance without the need for watering or mowing makes synthetic turf a convenient and attractive option for many.

artificial grass pool landscaping no slip astro turf All About Turf

Artificial grass Disadvantages

Glass fencing.

It is important to be cautious when using glass fencing near fake grass, as the reflective properties of glass can magnify sunlight and potentially cause the artificial turf to burn or melt. It is best to consider the positioning of your fencing vs where you want your artificial turf to be installed. Unfortunately, synthetic turf burning is not covered by your artificial turf warranty.

artificial grass landscape design All About Turf

Excessive moisture

It is important to consider the potential effects of water from the pool on the artificial grass as excessive moisture can lead to issues such as mold or deterioration of the turf material. Proper drainage and maintenance of the grass can help mitigate any negative impacts from the pool water, ensuring the longevity and quality of the artificial lawn. Ensure that a professional installer is hired to ensure the correct preparation and installation is completed and a quality product is installed.


Fake grass can indeed become hot under direct sunlight, as it absorbs heat and can reach high temperatures. This can make it uncomfortable to walk on barefoot, especially during the hottest times of the day. To mitigate this, some strategies include spraying water on the artificial turf to cool it down. There are also artificial grass varieties available that have a new cooling technology. To discuss this range, please contact our team.

Seeking advice from professionals about installing artificial grass around a pool is crucial to ensure that it is the right choice for your specific situation. All About Turf can provide guidance on factors such as drainage, maintenance, and durability to help you make an informed decision that will best suit your needs and preferences. It’s always recommended to consult with experts in this field before proceeding with any installations to ensure a successful outcome.

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