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Bindii Be Gone: 2 Effective Strategies for Weed Control

Bindii Removal from your Lawn!

Bindii, scientifically known as Soliva sessilis, is a common weed found in lawns and turf areas. It produces small, sharp spines that can be painful to walk on barefoot. To effectively control weeds in turf, manual removal or the use of herbicides specifically designed to target this weed are recommended. Regular maintenance and proper lawn care practices can also help prevent Soliva Sessilis from establishing in the turf.

The thorns of the plant can easily become embedded in skin or paws, causing pain, irritation, and potential infections. It is important to regularly inspect outdoor areas where children and animals play, and take necessary steps to remove bindii to prevent any injuries or discomfort.

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Herbicide Treatment

To treat bindii weeds in your lawn, you can use an herbicide spray that specifically targets broadleaf weeds like bindii. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label for application and safety precautions. It’s recommended to apply the spray in the early spring or fall when the plants are actively growing for the best results. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lawn by regular mowing and proper watering can also help prevent weed growth.

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Manual Removal

Manual removal of Bindii, also known as bindweed or creeping Jenny, can be done by carefully pulling the weeds out from the roots to prevent them from regrowing. It is important to wear gloves to protect your hands from the prickles and to ensure thorough removal of the plant. Regularly checking and pulling out any new growth can help prevent weeds from spreading in your lawn or garden.


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